Our Story

Hi I'm George Vincent.  Heavenly Deposit is an inspirational story about finding faith and hope in a time of need.  It's based on true events that changed my life. As a young boy growing up, my dad was my best friend.  We were inseparable!   However, suddenly an inoperable brain tumor brought that to an end.  I remember praying and asking God to heal him, but that never happened. So, I figured that God was too busy for me and from that day I decided to take control of my life and adopted a philosophy of "if it's to be it's up to me."

Flash forward, years later, I’m married to my beautiful wife Christina, living the life of a struggling actor.  We were facing the harsh reality of losing our home to foreclosure.  Then suddenly, life hit us even harder!  The crushing weight of the world was on my shoulders with no hope in sight.  After all, when you're prideful, who do you turn to for help when you rely only on yourself?

What happened next however, would lay the ground work for what would become the movie Heavenly Deposit.  A miraculous encounter with an individual after hours at the bank led me to Christ and changed me and my life forever.  The experience  was incredible!  It gave me hope like never before.  So much so, that I found myself sharing the story with everyone wherever I was - always with the intention of leaving them better off than when I found them. 


Then one day while sitting at a coffee shop, I told the story to a gentleman who turned out to be a minister. He said, "this is so powerful that you should make it into a movie and share it with the world."  Well, after 4 years in the making, in May of 2019, Heavenly Deposit was released in the US and Canada in limited theaters, on DVD and also digitally on numerous platforms.


Many have reached out to us on social media, commenting on how real and relatable the movie is and how it's helped on their walk with God.  In Feb of 2021 the film was released internationally in South Korea and Brazil. We look forward to other countries receiving it as well.   We also heard from many asking us about ancillary items like canvas art, mugs and T-shirts.  So, I'm thrilled to unveil the new Heavenly Deposit website along with our wonderful movie merchandise, including the new "Let Go Let God" line.  

Please note that a portion of the proceeds goes to Tunnel To Towers monthly to support our courageous, wounded Veterans and their families with free housing. 


Thank You and Blessings!