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Hi I'm George Vincent.  Heavenly Deposit is an award-winning movie about finding faith and hope in a time of need.  It's based on true events that led me to God and changed my life forever.


As a young boy, I grew up in a loving home.  My mom was a seamstress.  She loved to cook Greek food and always had a big smile on her face.  My dad worked in a bank.  He was a family man who taught my brother and I about integrity, working hard, and trusting God.  This included spending quality time with us.  Not only was he a wonderful role model but he was also my best friend.  But suddenly one afternoon life changed for our family.  My dad was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor; it hit hard and fast.  I prayed day and night asking God to heal my dad but sadly that never happened.  It was at that moment that I began to realize that God was too busy for me and I swore that I would never rely on God or anyone ever again.  I would be in control of my own life.

Flash forward years later it's 2009 - we are in the midst of a terrible housing crisis.  I'm a struggling actor married to my beautiful wife Christina and like many at that time, we too were facing the harsh reality of losing our home to foreclosure.  But suddenly, life hit us even harder... my wife encountered a life threatening issue and I had no-one to turn to.  The crushing weight of the world was on my shoulders and there was no hope in sight.  

But what happened next would lay the ground work for what would become the movie Heavenly Deposit.  I experienced a life changing event - it was a miraculous encounter at the bank one evening that led me to Christ and I realized that even though I turned my back on God, He never turned His back on me.  I accepted Him as my Lord and Savior and became filled with so much hope and ultimately my life turned around!  After that, all I wanted to to do was share God and this amazing feeling of hope that He gave me with everyone.  So I began telling people my story. 

One day while sitting at a coffee shop, I told the story to a gentleman who turned out to be a minister. He said the story is so powerful that I should make it into a movie and share it with the world."  His words resonated and filled me with a burning desire to see this though.  So, I got busy and began writing the film.  Miraculously, everything began to fall into place.  While working as an actor on another film I met a producer named Rick Irvin and we hit it off.  We partnered together and began to assemble  an amazing cast and crew.  After 4 years, Heavenly Deposit was released in 2019 in the US and Canada.  In Feb of 2021 the film was released internationally in South Korea and Brazil and is currently making it's way into other countries.  And recently as of Aug 2023, the film has been released in the  UK and Poland.


Many have reached out to us on social media, commenting on how real and relatable the movie is and how it has helped them on their walk with God.  Tthere is no greater feeling! 

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