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Faith Movie & Merchandise

If you enjoyed the award-winning faith movie, Heavenly Deposit then you'll love our newly released faith based merchandise.  Our eye-catching & exclusive angel logo is featured on T-Shirts, mugs & more.  Just click on "Shop Now," select an item & browse away.  For Mobile shopping - use the  "Filter," & click "Apply."  A portion of the sales is donated monthly to Tunnel To Towers assisting wounded Veterans & their families. Thank you for visiting our online store. Enjoy! 

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Our Story

Hi I'm George Vincent.  Heavenly Deposit is an award-winning movie about finding faith and hope in a time of need.  It's based on true events that led me to God and changed my life forever.


As a young boy, I grew up in with my brother in a loving home.  My mom was a seamstress.  She loved to cook Greek food and always had a big smile on her face. My dad worked in a bank.  He was a family man who taught us about integrity, the value of working hard, trusting God and spending quality time with family.  This included going fishing, playing soccer, and his favorite hobby - stamp collecting.  He was a wonderful role model and my best friend.  But suddenly one afternoon life changed for our family.  My dad collapsed on the couch and was unable to move or talk; there was only confusion and helplessness in his eyes.  After many tests, the doctors said it was an inoperable brain tumor and gave him 6 months to live.

I prayed day and night asking God to heal my dad but sadly that never happened. That moment made me realize that God was too busy for me, and so I adopted the philosophy of "If it's to be, it's up to me."  I would never rely on God or anyone for that matter ever again. 

Flash forward years later it's 2009 - we are in the midst of a viscous housing crisis.  I'm a struggling actor married to my beautiful wife Christina and like many at that time, we too were facing the harsh reality of losing our home to foreclosure.  But suddenly, life hit us even harder... my wife encountered a life threatening issue and I had no-one to turn to.  The crushing weight of the world was on my shoulders and there was no hope in sight ...  


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