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If you enjoyed the movie, Heavenly Deposit then you'll love our faith merchandise - Mugs, T-shirts and more.  Click on "Shop Now" and then press the  "Filter Tab."  Find an item of interest and click on "Apply" to browse and shop.  A portion of the sales goes to Tunnel To Towers assisting wounded Veterans and their families with free housing.  Thanks for visiting. Enjoy!! 

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The Story

Hi I'm George Vincent.  Heavenly Deposit is a story about finding faith and hope in a time of need.  It's based on true events that brought me to God and changed my life forever.


As a young boy growing up, my dad was my best friend.  We were inseparable!  However a sudden aggressive illness brought that to an crashing end.  I prayed and asked God to heal him, but sadly that never happened.  So, I figured that God was too busy for me and from that day I decided to take control of my life.  I adopted a philosophy of "if it's to be it's up to me.""

Flash forward many years later, it's 2009 - the tail end of the housing crisis.  I'm married to my beautiful wife Christina, living the life of a struggling actor.  And, like many at that time we too were facing the harsh reality of losing our home to foreclosure.  But then suddenly, life hit even harder!  My wife encountered a life threating issue.  The crushing weight of the world was on my shoulders and there was no hope in sight...


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